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   JOY  TONE  MICRO  CO.,  LTD.                              Address: No.95, Cianjhen St., Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City 80662, TAIWAN
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   We sre a group of fasteners producer Special Zipper
   Zipper Including: Nylon Zipper, Metal Zipper, Plastic Zipper
                              Color Zipper,    Water resistant zipper
                             Accessary for hand bag, luggage, suitcase, valise
                    And   Special zipper as #25 #20 #15  
  and Trade Screw Nut
    Screw / Nut  Tooling and  accessary
                           Nylon Nut Assembly machine

    Elec Apply We also offer PCB for electronic appliance Screw Nut
                                                    PCB of CKD /SKD
  Quality , price , service are our guarantee